The Phantasm of freedom

by: SV

Freedom is about satisfying your every impulse. That sometimes know you into a false phantasm that you are the mind and the body.

Freedom is celebrated and encourages in our society modernization. It has shown heroic and pride. Hence, this is unrealistic. No person is self-sufficient of another nor living being which independent with other living being is the true law of nature. We are all reliant and connected in so many ways.

For example, in this article, you might think that you are reading this on your own but if you look and analyze it carefully, you depend on the materials that you are reading, the factors of what you read, the author and the device that you are using.

The string of freedom has intertwined in our actions everyday. Freedom is boosting up our self-sufficient ego. But once you accept the reality which somehow you rely on others into nature. Then, you don’t have to carry life’s burden on your own.

“If you want to go fast, walk alone. If you want to go far, walk together” – African Proverb

Being a lone wolf is a point of gratification. But why you have to be a lone wolf, if you can be a part of the pack that understands and sees the value of every living beings. Relying on others is not a weakness or a reason not to do your best. Hence, it is an acceptance that each one has its own part.

We have the freedom to choose to speak and to act. However, we don’t have freedom for the consequence of what we have done.

Using our wisdom in taking our actions with the spirit of correlation, you are unchained from the lasting chatter mind about worries that things might be ended not the way you expect or how you are not living to some false perfection. You just simply show up, live, give your best shot and let it go.

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