The taint of Freedom of speech

by JG

“We are all entitled to our opinion but we must never forget on how to be human.”

I came from a country where freedom of speech were overly and abusively exercised by many, commonly expressed by aggravated emotion and unfiltered language be it in television, social media platforms and even on the streets.

Yes! The way I described it may be harsh but this is purely based on my observation whenever I open my television and my social media account. Seeing and reading how aggravated they are over a law implemented by politicians and/or adopted by government sectors, shouting, shaming, cursing and even burning pictures and papers is alarming and at the same time saddens me. Do these people hear themselves? Do they even realize how they feed younger generations with their unfiltered words and actions? Or do we really exercise our freedom of speech properly? I guess not.

There are many forms where people expressed and exercised their right for freedom of speech. Rallying is a perfect example, this is an action which people tend to do in order to be seen and heard as it attracts passer-by and the media too. Another is through writing, which we inherit from our heroes who fought for our independence through this form, such as editorials, blogs and social media shout outs.

These actions only prove that people still thirst for freedom. Understandably, we cannot blame or stop people from expressing their angst and thirst for freedom because there are people who continuously abuse their power and control which we ubiquitous felt. Let’s be honest, those who are capable, silently work under the table as if they were to stab you unknowingly at the back. They even silenced (literally and figuratively) the people who wishes to stop their wrongdoings which gives me an impression that their conscience seemed to have left them since they do things that are beyond humanity and act innocent as if they did not do anything wrong.

But who are we to judge? Everybody has a story to tell and we aren’t perfect too! But this freedom of speech which we are all entitled to slowly consuming us. It slowly makes us no longer different from the people whom we abuse with hurtful words and inhumane thoughts because we feel the absence of equality and good governance. But then again, like what I’ve said, who am I to judge or condemned these people? If this is the only way they can reach perpetrators then so be it. My only concern is merely on how we overly abuse this freedom. Freedom of Speech must be with a heart; a listening heart and it should not be a one-sided opinion.

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