UTROS in partnership with Batang Negosyante Ako Barkadahan (BNAB)

by UTROS in Philippines
January 18, 2020

UTROS signs MOA with Batang Negosyante Ako Barkadahan, recognizes their role in solving social problems in the community.

UTROS in Philippines emphasized the important role of different organizations in addressing critical needs of our society – particularly in education and to improve quality of life especially in isolated areas.

Batang Negosyante Ako Barkadahan is a youth serving organization with a primary goal of solving social problems concerning youth – unemployment, osy, among others and was founded by Archie Florendo. Batang Negosyante Ako gives FREE coaching and Training on how to organize a Social Entrepreneurial Venture by Young People in spite of No Funding and No Skills. BNAB has also been recognized by Ten Award Youth Organization most known as TAYO Awards.

With numerous meetings and mutual goals, last January 18, 2020, along with other members presence, UTROS tied up and signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to exemplify the commitment of the organization. The pledge of BNAB range to conduct of training and other services as needed.

As UTROS recognizes the need of other NGOs and other sectors to participate not only to provide their mission but also in terms of improving quality of life and contributing in whatever we need to enhance for the common good.

MOA was signed between UTROS and BNAB held at UTROS office in Makati City and was attended by UTROS members and board of trustees and representatives from the partner BNAB. Our commitment to help the society with our services and activities will continue to grow as we and other organizations will reach out to complement the needs of the society and help each other.

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