UTROS in partnership with SABAS Skills Development and Assessment Center Inc

by UTROS in Philippines
February 6, 2020

UTROS President, Ms. Maria Fe Pereira and VP Legal, Maria Cecilia Sabas of Sabas Skills Development and Assessment Center , Inc ( SSDAC) signed memorandum of Agreement to join efforts and to maintain a close working relationship in order to provide an immediate and lasting change in the lives of trainees/students by training them with Sustainable Development Skills Training Program that would useful for them to be gainfully employed and develop all the good practices to ensure sustainability of the Skills to succeed.

SSDAC is an accredited TESDA training and assessment center that offers affordable courses that are designed using Technical Educational and Skills Development (TESDA) Competency – based Curriculum. The following training courses are Finishing Course for Legal Transcription NCII, Entrepreneurship Program and Assessment for Book keeping NCIII.

We believe that this partnership could make a huge impact by working hand in hand through education and training under this certification and assessment standard of Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) of the Philippines. This program specifically wants to reach young individual and indigenous people to enhance their skills and competencies as preparing them to the real world of employment.

We in UTROS aim to continuously accelerate in different training towards the sustainable and better future through education.

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