Why Living Beings create a copies of themselves?
by: Joseph De Temmerman

During the evolution of living beings, there came a time when the creative power of an unknown omnipotence evolved the living beings which had been designed and spread out across the Earth by then to such an extent that they succeeded in engraving a considerably scaled-down copy of their individual structure into a certain part of their own bodies.

It is remarkable that a living body develops such a specific goal. This urge to spread copies of oneself becomes even harder to understand once one notes the quantities in which they can now create copies of themselves. Originally, this multiplication took place by a creature splitting itself into two identical parts.


Darwin and his theory were correct insofar that all living beings undergo continued evolution. Since he was unable to compare this with robots created by humans, he thought that something was created out of nothing by “evolution”- while evolution develops when certain extern facts assimilate with facts already in existence. This provides a creature with a new aspect. The power of a robot is therefore, is simply limited to the knowledge of its creator: Humans. For this reason, robots can only “evolve” to the extent, if their programs are adjusted by humans. Robots cannot evolve like living beings since, they don’t have independent living mechanisms gift of free will..


With the insights that today’s science offers to us, we now understand that an omnipotent power was creating a design of an everlasting living force when creating the first living beings. The aim was to create an endless cycle of mortal creatures which would all undergo improvements throughouttheir lifetime (i.e. evolve), so that in consequence, the next generation would be able to create ever more complex copies of themselves. It was thus an original purpose by the creator that first living beings had to be learned how to multiply themselves. A proof of a superior intelligence and superior forces compared to ours.


Since our own intelligence has developed exponentially, so that we can create machines and robots ourselves, it is a completely logical idea to conclude that the coming to life of matter must have been developed by a superior creative omnipotence. Based on our ability to analyse the consequences of a cause, we can form an idea about the cause itself. This leads us to the conclusion that this creative power has unknown powers at its disposal to move, even gather together, lifeless things by the power of its will alone. A fact which is now known as telekinesis.


Because of the simple manner in which the construction schedules of the DNA plans are constructed in our bodies, today’s technological knowledge humans allows for these plans to be read, and to understand the underlying contexts of the manner in which living beings were created by cooperating means.


The spirit of sacrifice, of altruism which we find both in humans and animals, now seems to be the bonding agent used to unite living beings with those likeminded. This vital feeling can be destroyed both in humans and in animals because of the struggle of their inner urges. This mainly results in an egoistic being with antisocial goals.


If a spirit of sacrifice amongst themselves is missing, humans increase their fight in order to survive amongst themselves, which in turn increases the cycle of egoism! This has resulted in an antisocial cycle, which sees the group of those financially powerful continuously increase, to such an extent that currently, a small group of billionaires owns as much money today as half of the poorer part of the world population!


In consequence, the poorer half of the world population suffer from an increasing lack of knowledge, since the ever-increasing capital sucks teachers and intelligence away from developing countries towards the increasingly richer wealthy part of humanity. Lack of education does not feel the need for mutual agreements, resulting in a growing risk of war.


In poorer countries, the struggle for power is waged in a different manner, where the lack of general knowledge of most citizens is exploited to ensure disunity rules. This results in pointless bloody battles which could have been avoided with a training in logical thinking.


We now know that there exists a driving force which moves us to care for our members of the same species. This is known as a “good” characteristic of a group of living beings, and the absence of this characteristic, i.e. egoism, leads to the neglect – or even worse – to the damaging of members of the same species. Both behaviours form one of the foundations upon which animal and human behaviour is based. With humans, this provided the cause for establishing their rules for moral behaviour.


Humans seem too much involved in everyday problems, that the insufficient time is spent on tracking down the causes of everything which is going wrong in our society. This requires an analysis of the origin of our existence, to understand through research if “what our purpose in life is?” It now seems clear that the purpose of humans is to make each other happy by altruistic behaviour, i.e. by showing our concern for each other daily, the way it also happens in Living Nature where living beings provide each other with energy by means of food which is provided by their own bodies!


Living Nature and her laws provide us with the necessary role models as to how we are supposed to behave toward each other. It also becomes clear that humans prevent themselves from entering the paradise on Earth with their collective egoism. Where in such a paradise, humans will make each other happy by caring for each other. Moral teachers must therefore establish a study group now, to determine a way in which they can illustrate today’s scientific knowledge about the creation of humans and their purpose to their faithful.


Today’s disunity about these basic behavioural principles is the cause of our current maliciousness between communities.


Our current knowledge must now replace earlier assumptions from the past. Such assumptions have been created by moral teachers back then, based on their little bit of knowledge which was the only wisdom available back then. It is now their urgent task to understand this new mountain of knowledge themselves and to realise that it is right they should be able to teach this knowledge to their faithful for the good of us all.


The first and most urgent task of these moral teachers is that they should establish a study group amongst themselves across all borders. We as UTROS in Philippines Inc. make ourselves available to all moral teachers to help make a start in constructing an organisation involving a group of active people, who just like us are convinced that we must achieve an unification of all moral codes of conduct by gathering together and grouping our knowledge today.