Digital and Sociocultural Diversity|April 7, 2018 |University of Antique
by: Michille Pereira


Digital Socio Cultural diversity workshop will explore the impact of a powerful global media-driven culture on young people, and how it has affected their socialization process and values, including the gender implications and changing generational relationships (both as a unifying and diversifying influence). Through this workshop, we will demonstrate the young people a sense of social responsibility andleadership amongst youth in order to bring about more sustainable development outcome.



Socio and Cultural Exchange Development Program|February 4, 2017 |Makati City
by: UTROS in Philippines


Building a strong social and cultural exchange foundation is important concept for sustainable development. It play a significant role of defining direction of further development in achieving quality of life of human, nature and society. This is a bridge that could help people better understand each other as well as the world we live where we could find a harmonizing and comfortable system for humanity. Managing human and natural resources must well-grounded element for sustainable development in considering the scientific and spiritual connection.