Youth Discussion: 

How Modernization Influences Our Moral Norms? 

by: UTROS in Philippines 



“Modernization, socialization, and progression doesn’t alter nor permit discarding the morals and the laws one should abide themselves too.”

― Avra Amar Filion, The Ellison Effect

December 27, 2018, UTROS in Philippines Inc. invited young group of people to join in our youth discussion about the influences of today’s modernization to our moral norm. We asked this young group “How modernization influences their way of life? How it influence our moral norms?”

A university student name Smile says, “We cannot deny a huge influence of modernization to our life, like for example to our educational system and nothing wrong with that. But what we observed was that it makes not only students lazy but it also influence some of our teachers or professors too. Example, this Prof. is taking his master degree or studies and he asks us to do this research, later we found out that he basically use our research for his own studies. After we knew it we felt so disappointed and thought this was so unfair”.

A senior high school student name Em-Em says, “Yes, I feel the same culture exists in our school too. In the past, teachers push and oblige students to write notes and read books but nowadays, all you need is click your smartphones to get copies of information you need. Google and youtube has the big says in school today.  It’s unfair for those students who don’t have such devices. Sometimes this cause insecurity and anxiety to other students.”

Ina, also a senior high school student added “Ethical values in our school were degrading as well. Today, I observed shaping good moral character, harnessing understanding and discipline is not a priority at all. Most of our teachers don’t care about such things. I do not say that all schools or all teachers do this. What I am saying was based on my experience and observation. ”

As you can see how these young people are so vulnerable and aware to what is happening in our society especially the influence of modernization in our educational system. As you all knew how education is so important for all of us. Nowadays most people‘s life evolves in modernization that sometimes it brings no satisfaction and inequality to our society. The intervention of technologies like computers and mobile phones, using internet and social media demonstrate how we are connected to each other as if “we live in one space at the same time”. However, it also brings a lot of complication and stress to human life. It steals our time to be connected, appreciate the true sense social and community interaction. Although modernization brings a lot of opportunities likes access to inspiring stories around the globe, necessary information we need, a new way of learning or education, generating income and as a tool connect us in a global world. But we also need to acknowledge the complication and chaos it brings to human life.

As our life affiliates with continues process of innovation which have profound influences that bring changes and transformations from traditional to modern ways into our economy, institution, culture, politics, and belief, most especially in all human development, affecting our environment. We see the necessity and urge to take action providing right education and training to people with good moral rules, especially to our young people while adapting this system. Nothing wrong with modernization and we cannot stop this. The challenge here is the people itself, a new way of thinking and way of how people use this modernization to their life.

Are we using modernization in developing a right education? Are we using them to help others?

We need to reanalyze the influences of modernization into our life and work together, support each other to develop talents and guide young people to be more responsible individual in creating sustainable community with the spirit of altruism.

Introduction to Altruism

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